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Perfect 10 Gymnastics

Our Ninja classes are now at our Baden location:

250 Ohio River Blvd., Baden. (In the plaza behind Pizza Hut!)

Ninja Zone!

We are SO excited to introduce you to our program for Ninjas in training! We’ve listened to parents over the years, and we’ve added a program that is skill-based, fast-paced and geared just for little boys (and girls!) on energy overload!

Our Ninja training program will combine military style obstacle courses to develop strength and speed, gymnastics tumbling, and ‘ninja’ style moves just like what you would see in a video game or in the movies!

The sport of Ninja is…

“To move uninterrupted through an environment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess, and stealth. To use combinations of skillful spins, rolls, flips, jumps, and kicks to elude an opponent.”

Our skill curriculum is comprised of a clever combination of gymnastics, martial-arts, break dancing and cross-training. Beyond skill our curriculum teaches:

*confidence *being part of a group *impulse control

For success in school, sport, and life, a child that learns to channel his/her impulse and energy towards a focused goal will succeed in all endeavors.


Go to for information and a video demonstration. Click the "About" link.