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Perfect 10 Gymnastics

COVID-19 Building & Safety Resources:

What we’ve done prior to re-opening the gyms:

  • All carpeted areas (floor ex., class floors, PS floor, lobbies, team locker room, & vault runway) were shampooed with an industrial rug cleaner.
  • All carpeted areas (floor ex., class floors, PS floor, lobbies, team locker room, & vault runway) were steam cleaned.
  • The following were also steam cleaned:
    • Balance beams
    • Bars
    • Spring boards
    • Vaults
    • All spotting blocks
    • All panel mats
    • All ninja equipment

  • The following were cleaned & disinfected: Common Areas
    • Doors
    • Apparel room
    • Lobbies
    • Front desks
    • Student cubbies
    • Restrooms
    • Water fountains
    • Tables & chairs
    • Team lockers

  • Gym Area
    • Gym walls
    • Garage doors
    • Ventilation tarp
    • Windows & window ledges
  • Gym Equipment
    • Equipment legs/bases
    • Fitness equipment, cones, placement markers, PS props
    • TumblTraks
    • The following precautions were taken to help with physical distancing:
    • The TumblTrak was moved away from the wall & additional floor space was added (in main gym).
    • A class vault was removed to allow for more space in the preschool gym.
    • The floor exercise area was torn down, reinforced, and moved slightly to allow for more space.

What we will do once we re-open:

  • The following disinfection & sanitation practices will be done daily:
    • Continue to clean & disinfect mats, blocks, & barrels
    • Continue to clean & disinfect restrooms
    • Continue to clean & disinfect door handles
    • Continue to clean & disinfect all seating areas
  • The following disinfection & sanitation practices will be done weekly:
    • UV-C lights used for sterilization (especially near foam pit area)
    • Steaming of balance beams
    • Steaming of bars
  • The following precautions will be implemented to help with physical distancing & sanitation:
    • The number of students in the gym at one time will be temporarily reduced to adhere to government regulations. CDC Guidance recommends 50% capacity in the Green phase. We will be around 40%-50%.
    • Class start/end times will stagger to alleviate congestion at the entrance.
    • Cones/markers will be used to help children with distancing.
    • Mats will be placed over the foam pit for easier cleaning.
    • Viewing will be restricted to one spectator per child. (The less people viewing, the more kids that can participate. If possible, please consider waiting or watching from outside.)
    • When possible, garage doors and side doors will be open to allow for fresh air circulation.
    • Class structures will allow for sanitation/washing breaks.
    • When possible, children will enter and exit through different doors.
    • Instructors will walk children to their parents who choose to wait outside.
    • Instructors will limit spotting, when possible, keeping your child’s safety a priority.
    • The use of masks:
    • Children are encouraged to wear a mask upon entering & exiting the building.
    • Masks will be worn by staff at the front desk.
    • Masks will NOT be required for coaches & athletes in the gym. This is for their safety! With warm weather & physical exertion, wearing a mask could make breathing difficult and cause over-heating. Also, with possible vision impairments, spotting, grabbing equipment, and simply being upside down with a mask on could lead to injury.
    • You definitely have the option for your child to wear a mask, however, for safety reasons, he/she may not be able to participate fully.

What we need YOU to do once we re-open:

  • Children will be required to purchase or bring their own drinks. Water fountains will be available for bottle refills only.
  • When possible, children should be escorted to the door, but enter the gym alone.
  • Parents who feel comfortable are encouraged to remain out of the gym during their child’s class.
  • All adults entering the gym are encouraged to wear a mask.
  • If staying to watch a class, one spectator per child is permitted.
  • Please allow the previous class to exit the building prior to entering, especially in the ninja gym.
  • If your child is not feeling well, please keep her/him home.
  • Please send your child to the gym with hygiene in mind, especially clean hands & feet.
  • Students will need to wash their hands prior to entering the gym area.